Welcome To Happy Wheels Full Demo Game site; It is the best gaming site where you can get the most popular entertaining free flash based games online. We update Total Jerkface happy wheels game along with other racing games very regularly so we can meet your expectation and requirement. So share our site with your friends and family. Happy Wheels Demo Game is not only one of the popular free racing game site but also it has the feature to be played in full screen. It is a ragdoll physics-based browser game created by Jim Bonacci in 2010. This game is developed in flash version. Upgrade your flash player version to play this thrilling racing game. You can play this happy wheels game in any size of your computer screen. The full version of this Happy Wheels Game can only be played online free at Total jerkface. Select the size of the game according to your choice and play it. It is mainly an action based game which creates an exciting moment and unlimited funs. Your target should be how to control the character and win the race in each level. This Happy Wheels Full Demo Game is designed or developed in different level. In each level different obstacles will be found in the way. So you need to play this drastic game carefully and control your character probably to be alive.
Game Instructions
Basically the game is not for kids only after looking the design and graphic of this happy wheels full demo game. When you will play, you think how difficult and excitement with full of action. You may be surprised when you play this absolutely free game. In the menu option you have to select the wheels and characters like Wheelchair Guy, the irresponsible Dad or Mom, Segway guy and the most popular Effective Shopper. Happy Wheels Demo is an arcade online free game with a dark amusing twist. Happy Wheels Full Screen Demo Game has good sound, quality graphic along with very difficult level. It will give you more pleasure and happiness when you will drive a car to putter around on a segway. It may create many problems to pass the each level and perhaps you will be failure to complete it. But every time you should try to over come the obstacles the game. Follow the instruction below of the game. You will control this happy wheels full demo game using few keys in the keyboard.
Game Controls
To control and move on the game, it's very simple. The UP and DOWN arrow keys are to control the speed of the game. The Ctrl + Z key is for eject the wheels. The spacebar can be used for specific actions to jump. Here is instruction mentioned below Press Ctrl + Z = Eject, SPACE Bar= Primary Action, Press Shift + Ctrl key for Secondary actions. Good Luck!